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Sanli main products include Steel Coil, Steel Strips and Steel Pipes with ASTM,BS, DIN, SAE AISI standard and specification. We explore the international and domestic markets with strong marketing teams and production-sales integration mode, and our products are widely exporting to more than 30 countries in Europe, America, Australia, Middle East and Southeast, which have formed into a stable sales network.

Our company's inspection equipment is very complete, and there is an advanced electro-hydraulic servo control system testing machine, which can be used to test the raw material of the plate, the mechanical properties of the steel pipe, stretching (including tensile, yield, elongation, etc.), flattening and flaring. The test can be performed by the bend tester. The Rockwell hardness tester can perform surface hardness test, eddy current flaw detector, detect the surface and near surface defects of the steel pipe, and the marble platform can measure the straightness and verticality of the steel pipe. These sophisticated testing equipments are strictly required for the enterprises to pursue perfect product quality.